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We’re an antiquarian bookstore specializing in science fiction, fantasy, horror, kids and young adult books as well as more esoteric tomes.

Our books exist and are for sale! (most of them...)

The books we sell may be fantastic, but we guarantee that they have mass, exist in this reality and are available for purchase.

Our small, but wonderful, store is in Lund, Sweden and is located on Lilla Fiskaregatan 4D (Opening hours: Saturdays 11:00-15:00, Sundays 13:00-15:00) where we share space with Vintage Vinyl Records (probably Lund’s greatest record store, a haven for vinyl collectors). In addition to the selection in our physical store, we offer a separate selection of books through our digital storefront via Bokbörsen. Titles from bokbörsen can be sold at the physical store by arrangements. Please notify us beforehand, as Bokbörsen titles are not kept in the store.

Contact us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to contact us about a particular book currently not in stock. We’ll do our best to help you locate a copy.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates on new titles as these channels are continuously updated as new titles are acquired.

We can be reached via mail, Instagram or Facebook.

Records on Discogs

FredrikHC has been buying and selling music since 2014, mainly through the international record database Discogs. Our Discogs store is oriented toward music on CD and generally within the genres of Swedish music, hard rock, synth and electronica, punk, hip-hop, jazz, etc.

Please visit us on Discogs.com.

We also have a seller’s page on reputable auction site Tradera. This channel is mainly used for unique or rare books or CD:s that are not registered in the Discogs database.

Need less books?

We get it. When you find yourself navigating increasingly precarious towers of Eddings and Robert Jordan, it might be time for the unthinkable.

No worry – we’re here to help. We’re always interested in receiving or buying books in the genres listed above. Due to practicalities such as geography we tend to do assessments and purchase from sellers in Skåne – though don’t hesitate to contact us if you live elsewhere, as it’s possible we can arrange something.

Good news, everyone! We got a MAP!
Besides running this store we've put together a map, showing various other locations around the world where you can sate your thirst for fantasy, science-fiction and the generally weird. Reading is what binds us all together (yes, just like a certain ring, without the ahem, side effects).

Map of Fantastic Book Stores - SciFi/Fantasy/Horror/Weird fiction

The fantastic picture above is made by Emilie Ihre.